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Towards Wider Usage of Mobile Operator Billing : Innovative Use Cases in Europe

Couverture_Bench2014_ANMobile operator billing, until recently used primarily for the sale of mobile multimedia content and services, is starting to make its mark as an altogether different payment alternative.

Used side by side with traditional payment methods, without requiring users to sign up or provide any banking details whatsoever, mobile operator billing provides a means of payment that is simple, immediate and secure, and particularly useful for small amounts.


An analysis of the European mobile operator billing market brings to light three major trends:

  • Firstly, that this payment method is now on offer from the major players within the online and entertainment industries, at the very heart of their marketplace;
  • Secondly, that it is increasingly making its presence felt in the daily lives of Europeans, to purchase products or services that had previously been paid for via direct debit of funds – parking, public transport, stamps and items from automated vending machines, to name but a few;
  • Lastly, in most countries mobile operator billing has proven itself a highly useful new channel by which to receive small donations, thus responding to the real needs of social and humanitarian organisations.


The purpose of this collection of case studies is to illustrate concrete and innovative use cases. Each file details the result sought after by the merchant, the customer journey implemented, as well as the outcomes observed.

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